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Natural integrity, solidarity, and peace. Causes that we here at KAYA incorporate into every aspect of our lives.

Who are we?

KAYA is a strong, committed team of experts striving to do what is best for our planet and the people it nurtures.

We bring countless years of experience to the table. Our members specialize in many crucial areas such as agriculture design, forestry, economics, and climate change research, with allows us to take an informed, strong, and efficient stance while we work. Not only that, but we also we possess strong connections to many invested countries and fellow climate organizations.

Mitigating climate change and providing sustainable solutions to creators of pollution is just the start. Our mission is one set to make a real difference for the good of the planet, all while strengthening local communities, protecting ecosystems, and nurturing the areas they live in.

Fighting for People & Planet

It is crucial for our mission to bring new technology, stable electricity, clean water, and a higher level of medical care to the communities we work with.

Preserving Biological Diversity

Each forest we plant or project we work on requires a different approach. Our dynamic, intuitive approach to environmental action allows us to ensure sustainability and ecosystem diversity.


To have results, one must set goals. We here at KAYA are dedicated to improving the health of the planet, and over the next ten years we will be working towards a wide variety of objectives:


Trees Planted

Forest regeneration is a crucial factor of climate action



We all live on the same planet. Time to work together


Hectares Managed

And with each one a diverse, thriving ecosystem

Our Work

We don’t just plant trees. Our passion also lies with investing in communities, so that the rest of the world can join us in working to a greener, happier future.

Solar energy

We bring eco-friendly technologies such as Solar Power to rural areas to assist in improving lives.

Clean Water

Water is life. Bringing healthy sources of water to the communities we work with is one of our top priorities.


KAYA is dedicated to building a healthcare center in every location we work in to supply local communities with medicines, doctors, and more.


We provide local communities with both financial and professional education, allowing them to take a greener, happier life into their own hands.


Using compost and simple-to-use equipment, the communities we work with can now cook cleaner and faster than ever before.

KAYA's Methods: How we do it?

KAYA makes progress in a wide variety of different fields, and uses the counsel of our established climate experts to overcome even the most difficult obstacles.

We’ve partnered with technology providers like Ignite to supply cutting-edge climate mitigation methods as simple, low maintenance solutions to everyday problems, and our connections with governments and fellow climate groups allows us to comprehensively tackle inequality, pollution, and poverty wherever it may arise.

Our climate action is taken along scientifically tested and peer-reviewed guidelines which ensures that every decision we make is a beneficial one, and take great care in ensuring that we respect the needs of communities and ecosystems alike when we begin work in any given area.

KAYA is always growing in experience and wisdom – discovering new methods, learning new groundbreaking strategies, and moving forward toward our imagine of a greener, healthier world.

Our Message


Be the Change You want to See in the World