Climate Projects Are a Great Opportunity With Huge Significance.

Business, communities and companies have the opportunity to combat the climate crisis while generating additional revenue.

Project Types

Nature Based Projects

Those projects focus on restoring, conserving and planting new forests and plantation.

This kind of projects hold great significance as it has those trees are the lungs of our plant.

In order to breath fresh and un-polluted air, we must take care of our natural resources.

Renewable Energy Projects

Those projects focus on the development and usage of green, renewable energy sources such as light, water and wind.

Now at days, most of our power comes from polluting power plants that use fossil fuel, gas and coal to generate electricity, those methods are obsolete and hurt our ecosystem.

Solar panels, wind turbines and more has the ability to generate green and renewable power.

Educational Projects

Those kind of projects focus on the education of communities that knowingly or unknowingly hurt their environment.

Some communities rely on their environmental resources such as wood for living.

Whether it is for cooking or trade, their lifestyle hurt us all.

We focus on educating them for a greener, more considerable way of thinking while providing them with suitable replacements and solutions to ensure they may live peacefully along side nature. 

What do our Project Partners say?

South Pole’s knowledge, experience, understanding and services they have provided us is second to none and together with a friendly and energetic team makes them true leaders putting them at the forefront of carbon project development. Thank you South Pole and the whole team we have worked with.

Carbon Green Africa, Carbon Green Africa, Zimbabwe. Project: KARIBA REDD+ project

Working with Isa and South Pole has been a very enriching experience. I have to highlight the great professionalism of the South Pole team, and the patience and dedication of Claudia Milena. We are very happy with the results, it has been a collaborative work, generating complementary synergies at all times.

Karina Pinasco, Amazónicos por la Amazonía Association (AMPA), Peru

Why Kaya?


Even though our company is young, we managed to gather experience in a number of different projects and fields.
From Planting massive forests in Albania to educating communities in Africa. Our project speak for themselvs.

Government Support

Are efforts for a greener and more healthy future are just.
We have the support of multiple governments at our projects. Whether it is financial aid or donating lands for green purposes, this support gives us and our clients the ability to look forwards safely.


We believe in being as clear and honest as possible with our projects and clients.
Every step, stage and development are being reported and inspected to ensure maximum clarity and efficiency.

Carbon Credit Access

We offer a direct access to the Carbon Credit Market to ensure the maximum value without mediators.

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