Climate Investments

We are always scouting for innovative climate projects to invest in and nurture

Regenerating Nature

Our wide range of nature-based solutions focus upon restoring nature and land to its former health

Local Communities

Our work is done hand in hand with local communities, with local communities in mind

Get to Know Us

Our Mission is to Restore Nature

KAYA is a team of committed agriculture, forestry and climate change experts who have decided to dedicate their lives to benefiting life on Earth. We bring countless years of experience to the table, and hope that our work can make a real difference for the good of the planet.

Fighting for People & Planet

It is crucial for our mission to bring new technology, stable electricity, clean water, and a higher level of medical care to the communities we work with

Preserving Biological Diversity

Each forest we plant or project we work on requires a different approach. Our dynamic, intuitive approach to environmental action allows us to ensure sustainability and ecosystem diversity.

How do we do it?

Our Main Projects



Grasslands are vast areas in nature covered by grass and other plantation. Not only do they nurture a vast amount of plant and animal life, but they cover about a fourth of the Earth’s face, and are an absolutely irreplaceable part of our ecosystem and life.
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Large Scale Reforestation

Reforestation is the human effort of restoring and rehabilitating a once-forested area to its original state. By supporting natural tree growth and by planting forests ourselves, we are making a great investment to quality of life upon earth now and into the future.
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Fire Management

Fire management projects involves the implementation of measures to reduce the risk of wildfires, such as controlled burns, fire breaks, and early detection systems, as well as improving forest management practices to promote healthier forests and reduce the risk of catastrophic fires.
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REDD+ Mechanisms

REDD+ (reduction of emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) is a framework created in order to prevent deforestation and support natural prosperity. It is targeted toward areas where residents or businesses knowingly or unknowingly contribute negative climate action and ecological destruction.
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Our Work

We don’t just plant trees. Our passion also lies with investing in communities, so that the rest of the world can join us in working to a greener, happier future.

Solar energy

We bring eco-friendly technologies such as solar power to rural areas to assist in improving lives.

Clean Water

Water is life. Bringing healthy sources of water to the communities we work with is one of our top priorities.


Kaya is dedicated to building a healthcare center in every location we work in to supply local communities with medicines, doctors, and more.


We provide local communities with financial and professional education, allowing them to take a greener, happier life into their own hands.


Using compost and simple-to-use equipment, the communities we work with can now cook cleaner and faster than ever before.

About Kaya

Learn More About Who Are We

We are a team of dedicated agriculture, forestry and climate change experts which have decided to dedicate their lives to benefit others. We are developing a machine for the good of the planet, and the beauty is that we know how to build it.

Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Why are Nature Based Projects Important?

By conserving, replenishing, and maintaining natural resources, we work towards saving the planet in a way that requires less energy and maintains strong ties with the way that the earth used to be.

Our nature-based projects are amazing tools on the frontier of protecting earth from catastrophic effects such as climate change, famine, and natural disasters.

Carbon Credits are a currency-like permit that allows a country or company to produce a certain amount of carbon emissions by assuring that the credit will be used to remove carbon emissions at the same time.

Transparency is a dedication we live by. Our plantations and projects are tracked by satellites, and our progress can be monitored at any time, by anyone.

We use real-life data and world leading forestry experts to maximize the positive effect of our projects upon biodiversity, while working hand-in-hand with local communities to improve life for people as well as the earth.

How do we do it?

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