Empowering Change, Supporting Life

Who we are

A team of passionate climate and land-use experts, who deeply care about making a positive impact on our planet. 

We believe in taking a holistic approach to developing ecosystem conservation and restoration projects while working hand-in-hand with local communities.

United with Communities
in Restoring Nature

Our Vision

To establish replicable models of large-scale, nature-based conservation and restoration projects. Create a shared belief in a prosperous, resilient climate future.

Our Mission

At KAYA, we are on a mission to accelerate natural climate solutions to preserve and restore ecosystems at scale, towards mitigating climate change.

Bringing together the private and public sectors and in close partnership with communities, we are committed to creating projects which bring lasting positive impacts to the landscapes and livelihoods of people in the African countries where we work.


Evaluating various geographies through scientific data to identify landscapes that need conservation and restoration.
Engaging with regional institutions, civil societies, and communities to understand the support mechanisms needed.
Conceptualising multi-year interventions and implementing them as projects through partnerships and collaborations.
Creating sustainable livelihoods for local communities and building their capacities
Generating multi-faceted ecosystem services that heal the local environment and reconnect people with nature.
Certifying our work through independent standards and bringing the ecosystem services to market 


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We take a holistic approach to address the complex challenges of agriculture, forestry, and climate change.