Empowering Communities, Protecting the Environment


At KAYA, people are at the heart of what we do. By nurturing the connection between ecosystem conservation and community well-being, we strive to create a world where nature flourishes and communities thrive.

By focusing on improving the lives of individuals and communities, we believe in creating a lasting legacy of positive change and shared prosperity for the people of Africa.

Holisitic Approach to
Community Development

We put people first

We believe in the power of people. Collaboration is the key for communities to build a climate resilient future.

Water is life. Bringing healthy sources of water to the communities we work with is one of our top priorities.
Kaya is committed to establishing healthcare centers in every community, providing access to essential services.
Empowering local communities through financial and professional education, enabling them to shape their own futures.

We bring eco-friendly technologies such as solar power to rural areas to assist in improving lives.

Using compost and simple-to-use equipment, cooking is cleaner and faster than ever before.


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