Creating a Climate Resilient Planet

Our Work

Our team of climate experts work in partnership with local stakeholders to deploy large-scale interventions urgently needed to tackle climate change. 

We are committed to creating a climate resilient future where the well-being of both nature and humanity thrives in harmony.

By working together with local communities, we leverage collective expertise and resources to achieve greater impact.

Climate Solutions in
Community with Nature

Key Areas of Expertise:

We consider the interdependence of social, ecological, and economic factors in developing successful solutions that support ecosystem sustainability.


Our efforts focus on sustainable forestry practices, reforestation initiatives, forest conservation, and the protection of endangered species.

Fire Management

Fire management encompasses various aspects, including fire prevention, early detection, suppression, and post-fire rehabilitation.


Through research, policy advocacy, and community engagement, we strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enhance resilience, and promote sustainable development.

grassland management

By declaring Grasslands as project zones, we can utilize grassland management strategies such as grazing management and seedling to restore wide areas.

Regenerative Agriculture

By studying different kinds of plants and then combining them together in specific areas with the best possible conditions, we help our environment in ways that only nature can.

"Wisdom demands a new orientation of science and technology toward the organic, the gentle, the elegant and beautiful."
- E.F Schumacher

KAYA's social engagement

We believe in the power of people. Community development is the key to build a climate resilient future.