Climate-Smart Agriculture

What Is Climate Smart Agriculture?

Practicing Climate-Smart Agriculture is when one uses forestry, crop planting, and nature itself to enrich the land in a way that provides food and supports earth’s eco-system as a whole.

It has been recently discovered that having large agriculture areas containing only a few types of plants has major downsides, creating a process called ‘monoculturalism’. This can lead to degraded soil quality, less healthy plants, and greater greenhouse gas emissions.

Lower crop yields also present direct issues to communities: the world is currently facing widespread famine, and so each portion of food lost is a great tragedy. We need to ensure that we maximize food production, and Climate-Smart Agriculture allows us to do this while supporting our planet at the same time.

By studying different kinds of plants and then combining them together in specific areas with the best possible conditions, we help our environment in ways that only nature can.

Benefits of Climate-Smart Agriculture include:

  • Reduce Carbon Emission.
  • Absorption of toxic substances
  • Increased oxygen for the entire globe
  • Food security.
  • Improved local soil

“Preservation of our environment is not a liberal or conservative challenge, it's common sense.”

Ronald Reagan

The Goal

We plan to make Climate-Smart Agriculture in a wide variety of areas, attempting to ensure a better future while working hand-in-hand with communities to improve their lives as well.

Our process includes scouting for plots with agricultural potential, and then assessing the best ways that we can enrich and transform them into a bountiful place of natural growth.

Each project that KAYA develops brings powerful benefits to local communities. In supporting KAYA, you are simultaneously helping them with necessities like clean water, education, and healthcare.

If you’re interested in supporting us or joining the team, feel free to contact us using the link below!