Large Scale Reforestation

What Is Reforestation? 

Reforestation is the human effort of restoring and rehabilitating a once-forested area to its original state.

Many factors can result in a region becoming deforested, both in the form of natural and unnatural disturbances. Logging, city development, wild fires, and livestock presence are prominent damaging factors.

By supporting natural tree growth and by planting forests ourselves, we are making a great investment to quality of life upon earth now and into the future.

Reforestation Benefits

  • Reduce Carbon Emission.
  • Absorption of toxic substances
  • Greater natural habitat for animals
  • Increased oxygen for the entire globe
  • Less floods and other natural disasters

“We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.”

Barack Obama, Former US President

The Goal

We plan reforestation in a wide variety of areas, attempting to ensure a better future while working hand-in-hand with communities to improve their lives as well.

In a few years time, our trees and forests will become a substantial factor in the reduction of the world’s carbon emission, which means cleaner air, repressed global warming, less famine, and much more.

Each project that KAYA develops brings powerful benefits to local communities. In supporting KAYA, you are simultaneously helping them with necessities like clean water, education, and healthcare.

If you’re interested in supporting us or joining the team, feel free to contact us using the link below!

Global Forest Watch

Learn more about where deforestation is happening around the world with the interactive map below. Explore tree cover loss and forest damage over time to see how much work still needs to be done.