Children in sub-Saharan Africa are over 15 times more likely than those in ‘Western’ countries to die before the age of five. Only a few countries in Africa are spending the World Health Organization’s set level for minimum health care, which is $34 to $40 a year per person.

Top SDG Goals

No Poverty

Every person on earth should have access to basic health treatment

Good Health and Well Being

Improving communal health and prosperity

Reduce Inequalities

We assist in reducing inequality between countries

Our Future Goals

Access to healthcare and medicine should be a right for everyone. KAYA brings support and qualified medical professionals to regions where these services were not available before. We are dedicated to creating new medical centers for vulnerable people where help is most needed.

Related FAQ

Learn about how KAYA´s projects benefit communities healthcare service:

Our goal is to make certain that residents of the areas we work in have access to medical care when they need it, but we will also be providing services in a wider, more extended area as well.

Our starting goal is to provide basic services that are currently lacking in underdeveloped areas. Once the foundation of a stable healthcare system is established, however, then we can focus upon bringing in more specialized professionals to carry out more complicated procedures and aid more serious conditions.

KAYA is always looking for a helping hand! You can see available positions at the ‘Careers with KAYA’ page on our website, or send us your CV via the contact form also available there!

Each project that KAYA develops brings powerful benefits to local communities. In supporting KAYA, you are simultaneously helping them with necessities like clean water, education, and healthcare.

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