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Despite tremendous efforts and vast resource allocation over recently years, more than 600 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa are still living without access to electricity.

With Africa’s population expected to double by 2050, the rate of density and population growth is already outpacing even this accelerated rate of electrification.

That’s where our partner Ignite comes in. Ignite provides customers with a wide range of solar home systems (SHS), and is deeply involved with distributing, supplying, and financing other products from top global companies.

With electricity brought to their homes for the first time, families can finally charge their phones, study after dark, and many other activities and improvements to life quality that they had been restricted from.

Top SDG Goals

No Poverty

Having regular access to power is recognized globally as a basic infrastructure need, and a crucial factor in financial development.

Zero Hunger

Agricultural solutions provided by Solar Panels lead to larger crops and bigger yields, providing food security for local communities.

Affordable and Clean Energy

Supplying green energy decreases the need for wood burning fossil fuels in rural communities.

Our Future Goal

In collaboration with Ignite, we will be providing solar panels to local communities at a pioneering rate. This allows us to improve lives affordably and sustainably - giving light for reading and electricity for connecting with the rest of the world.

Why did we team up with Ignite?

Related FAQ

Here you can find answers to some of the most common questions about our solar panel projects:

Scale: Ignite’s first projects in Rwanda and Mozambique are the largest single solar projects in SSA, and the company has even larger projects under development

Speed: Ignite is the fastest deploying company in Africa, with 50,000 connections (300,000 people) in 12 months and 100,000 in 26 months, reaching a peak pace of 1500 homes a day.

Replicability: Ignite’s track-record and proprietary processes have led to agreements with several countries in Africa and invitations from other global governments.

Technology: Ignite utilizes advanced and effective technology, enabling high efficiency, extreme affordability, and cost effective solutions.

Affordability: Ignite is the most affordable provider in Africa (Best customer award by Frost and Sullivan)

Every kit includes a small solar panel, a connector, and a battery with 3 exit adapters
Which kind of other kits do we have?

KAYA also supplies homes with clean electric cooking solutions, Paygo-enabled smartphones, internet connectivity, irrigation solutions, and much more

Who can benefit from Ignite´s solar energy kit?

Our goal is to make certain that residents of the areas we work in have access to power when they need it, but we will also be providing services in a wider, more extended area as well.

How can I support Ingite´s solar energy projects?

Each project that KAYA develops brings powerful benefits to local communities. In supporting KAYA, you are simultaneously helping them with necessities like clean water, education, and healthcare.

If you’re interested in supporting us or joining the team, feel free to contact us using the link below!